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We also offer smaller quantities of beef, pork, or combo pack.

Comes with a Cook Family Farms Freezer Bag!  

Breakfast pack  $45.00  

3 Lbs. Scrapple

2 Lbs. Bacon

2 Ham Steaks

3 Lbs. Maple Links 


Ground Beef Pack $45.00


10 Lbs. in one pound packages


Sausage Pack   $35.00

10 Pounds in one pound packs

Link or Loose


Beef Package $100.00

5 Lbs. Sirloin Steaks

5 Lbs. of Beef Roast

5 Lbs. of Burger


Combo Beef and Pork Pack  $120.00   

4 Lbs. Sirloin Steaks

4 Lbs. Pork Chops

5 Lbs. Beef Roast

4 Lbs. Ham Steak/Slice

2 Lbs.  Burger

2 Lbs. Loose Sausage

Chicken Breast  available in 2-3 Lbs Packs 

4.0 per LB  

Chicken Tenders (not breaded) 1 to 1.5 Lbs pack

4.00 per Lb Sold out 

Individual Prices


Pork Chops bone in $5.00 lb   

Smoked Ham Slice  $4.00 per Lb  

Ribs $6.00 Per Lb

Smoked Bacon $6.00 Lb   

Sausage Breakfast links $5.00 per Lb

Loose Sausage $4.00 Per Lb

Maple links  $5.00 Per Lb

Scrapple $4.00 Per Lb



T-Bone Steak $12.00 per Lb

Rib steak $14.00 per Lb

Chuck Steak $8.00 per Lb

London Broil $8.00 per Lb

Porterhouse Steak $10.00 per Lb

Ground Beef $5.00 per Lb

Beef Cubes $5.00 per Lb

Eye or Round Roast $6.00 per Lb

Minute Steak $6.00 per Lb

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Our beef animals are raised with their care in mind in large open range pastures. Animals were born and raised right here on the farm for you to see. Antibiotic, GMO, and Steroid free! Support your local beef producer and come buy a beef package or let us know what cuts you would like to see in a smaller package.  Individual packages by the pound are also available.
 We want to sell you our pasture raised products that are grown with care right here in Newark, DE.   

80 POUND BEEF PACK ($550.00) Order now! .  

 Pack weights are from one to five pounds depending on cut. Guaranteed 80 pounds of retail meat for your freezer in close to but not the exact denominations. 

30 lbs mixed steaks, 1 to 2 steaks per package and 10 lbs Roast in 2 to 5 lbs packages

40 lb mix of mainly ground beef (1 lb packs), but also Korean ribs, short ribs, cubes and bones.

Our beef are raised and finished on large grass pastures and prices include cut wrap and freeze fees.
We believe selling by the pound vs quarter/half takes away the guess work of hanging weights and what your final cost will be so we have a set price for a set package.  For more detailed information please feel free to contact us at

All pork raised on registered non medicated feeds on our farm.   

80 pound pork pack $350.00, 160 pound pork pack $650.00 includes processing and smoking fee of bacon and ham only.

USDA inspected and vacuum packed by our processor

Pick up at our farm cut, wrapped, and frozen.


 email to place order and schedule all pick ups




Pay Pal  24 hours prior to pick up or Cash payments only at farm.


3300 Frazer Road

Newark, DE 19702