Email or use link below to place order, make sure you include your cheese choices.

    We can do some additions but have inventoried our stock to do packs.   Complete pack orders received will be scheduled first. You will be notified by Thursday or Friday evening of your total due and pick up time. We will then go back and see what other orders we can fill.  


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loin/Rib Chops  $12.00 / Lb

Ground Lamb  $10.00 / lb  

Lamb Kabobs $10.00 lb Sold Out


Ground Goat  $11.00

Goat Kabobs $11.00 sold out

Goat loin/Rib Chops $15.00


Bacon $8.00 Lb

Maple Breakfast $7.00 Lb

Ham Slice $7 per Lbs

Pork shoulder $5 per lbs

Ham Roast $5 per lbs

Pork Chops $5 per lb

Scrapple $5.00 per Lb

Baby Back Ribs $8 per lb

Pork Belly $6 per lb

Chicken Breast $4.00 per lb

Chicken Tenders $4.00 per lb


Rib Eye Steak $15.00 lb 

T-Bone $14.00 lb

Portherhouse $15.00 lb

Sirloin $10.00 lb

Brisket $8.00 lb

Short Rib $7.00 lb

Korean Style Rib $ $8.00

 Flat cut Chuck Roast $ 7.00 lb

Minute Steak $8.00 per lb

Burger $6.00 per Lb

Stew Meat $6.00 per lb

Cheese Blocks $7.00

Cheese Spreads $5.00




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While supplies last

“Super Griller” $125

The Griller 16 lbs approximate weight

6 lbs beef burger
4 T bone steaks
1 lbs bacon
1 4 lb Chuck Roast
All in one Cook Family Farms bag

Breakfast $60.00

1 Smoked ham steak
1 Dozen Eggs
1 lbs bacon
1 Lb Scrapple
2 Lb Maple Breakfast Links
1 LB Breakfast links
2 Lb Chicken Tenders
1 Block and 1 Spread Hillacres Pride Cheese
1 Cook Family Farm Bag


20 lbs Chuck roast 20 Lbs Burger  $250.

Limited time offering 20 Lbs of Flat cut Chuck Roast about 4 lbs each and 20 lbs of 1 lb packs of ground beef.    


  Steaks average over 1 lbs each All meat is vacuum packed and frozen.   Burger is in 1 lbs packs.  

Block Cheese 


Cheese Spread 

Dragons Breath

Garlic Pepper

Smoky Bacon

Pesto & Feta




Our beef animals are raised with their care in mind in large open range pastures. Animals are right here on the farm for you to see. Antibiotic, GMO, and Steroid free! Support your local beef producer and come buy a beef package or let us know what cuts you would like to see offered!


 Email to place order, make sure you include your cheese choices 

    We can do some additions but have inventoried our stock to do packs. Complete orders received will be scheduled with total due and pick up time.  


Pay Pal  24 hours prior to pick up or Cash payments only at farm.


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