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Cook Family Farms

Cook Family Farms has been Farming to Feed You and Yours since 1855.  Recognized as one of Delaware’s Century Farms, the Cook’s actively milked dairy cows till 2014. Today we house dairy replacement heifers for several neighboring farms and raise beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and goat. We have had to diversify from just selling a few products by the tractor-trailer load to selling many products in packages small enough to fit in the average household freezer.  We are your local meat producer and look forward to sharing our farm family's locally grown story with our community. Bring your hungry family and we'll bring a healthy food source, with a side of agricultural education!

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Freezer Filler $350

Grass and Grain-Fed and Finished  


  • 20lbs- Ground beef,
  • 10lbs- Chuck roast, Round roast, and Short ribs
  • 10lbs- T-bone, Delmonico, porterhouse, and Sirloins

Guaranteed 40 total lbs 


Ground Beef $100

  • 18- 1lb packs of ground beef


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Griller $100

​2 ground beef
4 T-Bone over 1 lbs each!
1 packs of 2 Filet. 




1/4 cow  $675

Limited Time Offer

  • 30- 1lb packs of ground beef
  • 25 lbs  roasts
  • 25 lbs Steaks 

Guaranteed 80 lbs


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