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Freezer Filler $370

Grass and Grain Fed and Finished 


  • 20lbs- Ground beef
  • 10lbs- Chuck roast, Round roast, and Short ribs
  • 10lbs- T-bone, Round Steak and Sirloins

Over 40 total lbs guaranteed!



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80 lbs $725


  • 40- 1lb packs of ground beef
  • 20-lbs assorted roasts
  • 20 lbs assorted steaks 

Over 80 total lbs guaranteed!


20 lbs of our 85% lean ground beef for $110. 

Grass and Grain-Fed and Finished  


  • 20lbs- Ground beef
  • convenient 1 lbs. vacuum packs




Product Price
Ribeye Steaks$18/lb
Prime Rib bone in Roast$20/lb
Porterhouse Steaks$18/lb
Delmonico Steaks $20/lb
T-Bone Steaks$17/lb
Flank Steak$10/lb
Sirloin Steaks$10/lb
London Broil$10/lb
Minute Steak$9/lb
Korean Cut Short Ribs$8/lb
Short Ribs$7/lb
Chuck Roast$9/ lb
Round Roast $9/lb
Ground Beef$6/lb
Stew Meat$9/lb
Tongue/ Ox Tail $6/lb
Heart/ Liver $4/lb
Bones $3/lb


Our beef animals are raised with their care in mind in large open range pastures. Animals are right here on the farm for you to see. Antibiotic, GMO, and Steroid free! Support your local beef producer and come buy a beef package or let us know what cuts you would like to see offered!  All prices are subject to change with market.   2/1/24

Cool Rock Stock started with pigs many years ago. Similar to the beef and sheep operations we have today, we used to have a well-known and successful swine herd. As the student's desire shifted away from hogs, we sadly dispersed our herd. Today our hogs are sourced locally and processed to deliver the same high-quality meat you are accustomed to. The cookers are still brought out on occasion to roast a whole hog for our FFA events and are always served with our favorite apple and hickory sauces. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Appo FFA Facebook page to know when we are roasting up another pig! 



Product Price
Baby Back Ribs$8/lb
Maple Breakfast Links$7/lb
Plain Breakfast Links$7/lb
Ham Slice$8/lb
Pork Belly$8/lb
Pork Butts$5/lb
Fresh Kielbasa$7/lb
Ham Roast$4/lb
Pork Chops$6/lb
Loose Pork Sausage$6/lb
Scrapple $5/ lb



Lamb and Goat

Product Price
Lamb Loin/Rib Chop$15/lb
Ground Lamb$13/lb
Lamb leg steak$13/lb
Goat Loin/Rib Chops$15/lb
Ground Goat$15/lb
Goat stew meat/kabobs$15/lb


All of our lamb products are grown right here on the farm! Over the past couple of years, we have grown our sheep flock from just a couple to almost a dozen ewes. We breed the sheep right here on the farm and the students of Appo FFA use them as a part of the SAE projects. The students manage all aspects of raising these sheep from birth to the butcher. Most of the products we offer are the result of show season coming to an end and the students selling their market lambs for meat to complete their project.

We are in the process of building our goat herd, our goat meat is raised right here on the farm or sourced locally. We are looking forward to building our goat herd in the coming years to serve our customers a protein growing in popularity right from our farm.

We are proud to offer cheeses from our good friends over at Hillacres Pride. They first began selling cheese in 2006 at their local farmer's markets. Their family farm is home to three generations of the Arrowsmith family, who provide the majority of labor for the farm. The forage the cows eat is grown on the farm and the cows are milked twice daily. Hillacres Pride was born of the idea of providing the next generation an opportunity to experience the traditions of the family operation. 

Their cheeses are made from 100% Jersey milk from their herd of registered cows. The aged cheeses (cheddar and colby varieties) are made from raw milk and aged at least 60 days. The soft cheeses are made from milk that has been pasteurized. This is in accordance with PA state laws. The cheeses are all hand-made in small batches to allow for a unique flavor that is creamy and delicious. Because the cheeses are hand-pressed, you will see a variation in size and color at times. This is partially dependent on the solids content of the milk and the feed that the cows are getting at the time. Be sure to keep an eye out for any limited-time special cheeses! 



Spreads $5.00
Dragons Breath
Roasted Red Pepper with Garlic
Smokey Bacon
Cheddar Ranch
Garden Vegetable 
Cheese with Honey
Old Bay
Smoked Cheddar
Garlic and Chive
Hot Pepperjack

Chicken and eggs

Product Price
Chicken Breast$5/lb
Chicken Tenders $5/lb
Boneless thighs 2 lbs packs $4/lb
Fresh Eggs$4/ Doz


When you come to visit our farm there is no lack of poultry. We offer eggs from free-range chickens that are collected daily. We have many different breeds of chickens and you can find anything from traditional white and brown eggs to blue and green eggs!  


Somerset Farms Ice Cream

Visit our sister store, Somerset Farms at the corner of Frazer and Denny to grab your dessert after visiting the farm. The jersey cattle that graze next to the ice cream stand belong to Woodside Creamery. These heifers are future milkers to produce ice cream and we gladly support our farm friends by selling their hand-dipped ice cream. What started as a senior project for Sara, has turned into a mainstay in our community. Be sure to try our farm flavor- Cowabunga, a salted caramel ice cream with swirls of Oreos and chocolate candies!


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Some additions are available based on availability. Complete orders received will be scheduled with total due and a pickup time. 

Acceptable payments include PayPal or cash at pickup.

**Products and prices are subject to availability, please view our google form for the most updated inventory and price.**